Build Solar Energy Light

Simple electronic components are used to store light energy and provide light after sunset. Learning how to make this simple electronic circuit that allows you to store solar energy for future use in high-luminance light-emitting diode LED light. You could use this device if you or if you have no access to electricity or battery flashlight.

It is also environmentally friendly set up permanent outdoor lighting. Heat soldering iron. Plug it in, and put it on its stand, to warm up.

Build Solar Energy Light

Solder copper wire to 4.5-volt solar cell. Cut 3cm of insulated copper wire. This will be Wire 1.

Strip ½ centimeter of insulating cover from both ends of this wire. Use crocodile clip to hold one end of Wire 1 against exposed wire coming from positive terminal of 4.5-volt solar cell. Hold soldering iron beside two wires, melt little solder with iron and apply solder to wires.

Allow solder on wires couple of seconds to solidify. Solder IN914 diode to exposed portion of Wire 1. diode has to be soldered in correct orientation.

To do this, ensure side without banding is attached to wire. Solder 3cm length of copper wire to diode. Cut 3cm of insulated copper wire, and strip insulation from its ends.

This will be Wire 2. Solder one end of Wire 2 to diode at banded side. Attach 3AA battery case to copper wires.

Cut 3cm of copper wire, and strip insulation from its ends. This will be Wire 3. Clip free end of Wire 2 to one end of Wire 3 and to positive terminal of 3AA battery case.

Solder these three pieces together.

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How to Build Solar Energy Light

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