Build Solar Energy Home

Solar power is reliable, renewable form of energy that the convert by solar energy into electricity, by household appliances. Solar panels are not very cheap to buy. For this reason most homeowners use solar systems in conjunction with AC power.

This reduces monthly electricity bill considerably and you do not have asset purchase spend large number of disks. Appreciate your home daily and monthly power consumption. You can do this on charts available through information provided in your monthly electricity bill.

Build Solar Energy Home

Information provided in Resources section of article will help you achieve this objective. Purchase photovoltaic solar panels. There is great variety of panel products available on market, including roll out solar sheets, solar shingles and solar panels.

most popular, efficient, and cheapest are solar panels. For home use, each panel should have 250-watt capacity, as anything lesser than this figure will practically be useless for home use. If you have greater power needs, for instance 5,000 watts of electricity per day, you will have to purchase at least 20 panels of 250 watts each.

Five thousand watts will be able to run few lights, refrigerator and water pump. In any case, you can decide on number of panels to be purchased after calculating your energy requirements from Step 1. Install panels on your rooftop using rail-mounting system that comes with panels.

Ideally, panels should be installed on roof facing southwest. Make sure there is absolutely no shade on roof and panels get maximum sunlight during day. Use power inverter for converting solar electricity into electricity consumable in your home.

Solar panels generate direct current, while energy used by your home appliances is alternating current. inverter is required to convert DC to AC. Run wiring from solar panels to inverter and then to AC fuse box of your home.

Unless you are certain how to connect wiring, you should have help of licensed electrician.

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How to Build Solar Energy Home

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