Build Solar Cell Power Supply for PC

Solar power harvested by photovoltaic modules enough power generates electricity for hundreds of thousands of homes in the United States to deliver. With small and portable, homemade solar generator you can gain freedom from remote location to work or access your PC while wilderness to explore. Outgoing grid is becoming easier and more accessible as more people understand financial and environmental benefits of free energy.

Select solar panel setup. Decide on the number of plates and wattage output power based on the quantity and intensity of the sun in your area. Consider how many computers you run and want to have the duration of intended use.

Build Solar Cell Power Supply for PC

solar panel’s voltage is equal to system output, so 120 watts is standard output necessary to run laptops and most other appliances. Several online sources provide instructions for making your own solar panels from copper sheeting. This painstaking DIY method is insufficient to run computer.

You can find affordable solar panels at camping retailers, solar supply stores and many online sources. Shop around to find highest quality and output at most affordable price. Collect your solar energy by mounting solar cell on rotating mount with tracking device that points panel in optimal direction to receive sun’s energy.

If your setup includes flexible solar sheets or other specialty designs, follow instructions on packaging. Connect your panels to charge controller to protect your batteries from overcharging. Charge controllers prevent sun’s powerful voltage, picked up from solar cells, from damaging your batteries.

This device regulates input and can literally prevent your battery from blowing up. Wire charge controller to battery. You will need heavy-duty industrial batteries or deep-cycle batteries.

Twelve volts is sufficient for this job, but you might want extra battery or two to maintain power in periods of darkness or rain. Connect charged batteries to AC power inverter. This box converts battery’s DC voltage to standard 120-watt AC power essential to run your computer.

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How to Build Solar Cell Power Supply for PC

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