Build Mini Solar Panel Car

The sun constantly bathe the planet in light and heat. Some people have figured out how to use this energy to motor vehicles, such as cars. to make looking to tap for children solar energy for the afternoon activity, solar powered toy car is fun and educational.

Cut your cardboard, wooden slat or foam board in AutoForm. Car must be at least inch wider and longer than your solar panel and should be stable. If you are concerned about cardboard or foam board base, the second layer of the original car stick base.

Build Mini Solar Panel Car

Glue or attach axle holders to underside of car base. Glue wheel onto one axle. Make second axle-wheel assembly.

Leave glue to dry for few minutes. Attach drive mechanism to drive axle. If you’re using gears, connect one gear to drive axle.

If you have pulley system, place one pulley on drive axle. Slide axles into place on base, then glue remaining wheels onto axles.

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How to Build Mini Solar Panel Car

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