Build Hot Air Solar Panels

With rising costs of heating, find inexpensive alternative, the fuel oil, natural gas or propane can be replaced much more money left in your wallet. Many people use wood that works when you are at home and log on to throw on the fire. But if you are not at home, it’s not as effective.

Solar is another option, but commercial solar systems run $ 80 square foot over. If you have good southern exposure in your home, simple passive solar system will provide heat on sunny days when you are not at home and help reduce heating costs. Build rectangular frame of 8-foot and 4-meter-long 2-by-6-inch boards. Use to keep framing nails pieces together.

Build Hot Air Solar Panels

This frame becomes one 8-by-4-foot passive solar panel. Make as many additional panels as you have room for. Find southern facing side of your house in area that gets lots of sun.

Align frame with your house’s studs and screw frame to siding using lag bolts. Cut 4-by-18-inch rectangular holes into house at top and bottom of each stud spacing. Because frame is big enough to cover two spacings, cut four holes. bottom holes suck cold, inside air into solar panel, and holes at top push heated air into house.

Paint house’s siding within frame and frame with black spray paint. Staple black window screen into frame so that it’s evenly spaced between inside and outside of frame. black spray paint and black window screen passively heat air.

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How to Build Hot Air Solar Panels

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