Build Haunted Halloween Gargoyle Props

Halloween is time for all things creepy, and there are few things scarier gargoyles. Usually found in cathedrals and castles, stone gargoyles are creatures designed to give anyone creeps. Animal, monster, or even misshapen human forms can do all magnificent gargoyles.

To make your own spooky decorations gargoyles, not medieval castle is needed. You’ll need creative mind, some necessities and will give your guests Halloween scare. Make papier mache with which he will carve your gargoyle.

Build Haunted Halloween Gargoyle Props

Shred newspaper into bucket. Try to get pieces as small as you can, but don’t get too stressed out about that, as warm water will do most of work. When you think you have enough paper for size of your project, add warm water until all of paper is covered.

Let it sit overnight. Make rough model of your gargoyle using chicken wire while you wait for paper mache to break down. Don’t worry about details like facial features and claws, you’ll make those with mache pulp.

Remember gargoyles are ugly, so if your wire model starts to look weird, all better. Check on your pulp next day, it should be good and pulpy. Mix it up with spoon, until it is well mashed up.

Strain out all water, squeezing last bit out with your hands. This substance should now be mixed with paper mache paste, according to directions on box. Mixed, it should resemble clay.

Cover your wire model with paper mache. After it is covered, you can add all of details, like gnarly teeth, webbed feet, out-of-control eyebrows and horns. Once done, you will have to wait three to five days for sculpture to get completely dry.

Keep eye out for cracks, which can be repaired with leftover paper mache paste. Once your creation is completely dry, it’s ready to paint, although gargoyles can be just as creepy au naturel.

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How to Build Haunted Halloween Gargoyle Props

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