Build Eco Air Conditioner

It is difficult to make simple air conditioner, ecofriendly using plastic tubing to circulate cold water through copper tubing coiled in front of fan. fan blowing room temperature air through cold tube to create flow of cold air cooling. cost saving both construction and energy are about 60 or standard air conditioner.

copper tube wind coil and attach it to side of box fan with retaining straps. To produce colder air, so use copper tubing as possible, but leave some space between coils so that air can flow through. Run plastic tubing from outlet port of pump under water at one end of copper coil fan in face of box.

Build Eco Air Conditioner

pump will suck cold water from cooler and push it through coil. Use waterproof plumber’s putty to secure connection. Attach plastic tube to opposite end of copper coil.

Secure connection with plumber’s putty. This tube will return water to ice bath to be cooled again. Wait hour for adhesive to dry on connections.

Fill cooler with ice water. Run return plastic tube to cooler. Submerge fountain pump and plug it in.

Turn on fan.

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How to Build Eco Air Conditioner

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