Build Bathtub Mount

Bathtubs are installed either as drop-in, as under cover or in the bedroom. All three types require the installer to build structural frameworks to support it. Each tub comes with its own installation instructions, which can be very different from one model to another.

Many are shipped with pre-attached leveling wood at the bottom of the bath so that the bath is properly mounted for good drainage. It is advisable to carefully read the installation instructions before buying. Read the installation instructions that come with bathtub carefully.

Build Bathtub Mount

If bathtub will be mounted against wall, attach 2-by-4 wood stringer to each wall at correct height, as indicated in instruction manual. For any sides of tub that are not adjacent to wall, wood frame must be built. Cut to size 2-by-4 wood planks and attach them to plywood floor in appropriate location with wood screws.

Attach vertical studs at 12-to-16 inches on center, and 2-by-4 on top. For free-standing bathtub, build rectangular box with 2-by-4 framing cut to appropriate size. Attach bottom 2-by-4 wood to floor with wood screws.

Attach vertical studs at 12-to-16 inches on center, and 2-by-4 on top. Cut appropriate hole in plywood floor and pull piping through before installing bathtub. Attach overflow pipes and drain to tub according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Place tub into correct position in frame. Secure tub to frame either with epoxy or with nails driven through edge of tub and into wood framing studs. Connect drain and overflow pipe from tub to downpipe.

Attach water supply pipes and faucets. Test for leakage before use.

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