Build Bathroom Countertop

Of all the things you have at home, one thing that never seems to be enough counter space. This is especially true in the bathroom. There are several ways you can build top bath in the effort to make both space saving and practical.

Once you learn the basics, it’s just a matter of measuring and type construction bathroom countertop needs. Set table saw fence at 36 inches blade. Place the plywood on the table saw and cut across the grain.

Build Bathroom Countertop

Next, set table saw fence at 21-inches and rip largest of two pieces you just made with your crosscut. This should give you piece of plywood that measures 21-by-60-inches. Set table saw fence at 1½-inches.

From left over 60-inch piece of plywood, rip two pieces at this measurement. This will be edging for your countertop. Apply glue to one of flat sides of 60-inch piece of edging, turn it over and place it on one of long edges of countertop.

Secure it with box nails. Measure and cut two pieces of edging 19½-inches long from remaining edging you cut in Step 2. Apply glue to flat side to these, place them at either end of countertop and secure them with box nails.

Sand 60-inch edge with sanding block to be certain that edging and countertop are flush. Place piece of plastic laminate 2-by-60-inches along front edge, face down. Next, apply contact cement to front edge of countertop only.

Do not apply contact cement to plastic laminate yet.

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How to Build Bathroom Countertop

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