Build 3500 Watt Solar Generator

Solar modules from 3,500W generate significant amount of energy on a sunny day, will provide large part of the average house consumption. Building boards is not complicated, but time consuming. large number of solar cells have in the form of panels, which are assembled about 300 square meters.

generated current is large enough that the connection to the network via the inverter would be desirable. Depending on the local energy costs such an investment could easily generate electricity worth $ 500 per year. Remove Panels.

Build 3500 Watt Solar Generator

Each panel consists of piece of 3 or 4-inch plywood, 32 inches by 48 inches, which is 4-foot by 8-foot standard piece cut into thirds. Cut 2-inch by 1-inch pine into 33.5-inch and 48-inch lengths to fit around outside of each piece of plywood, and screw into edge of plywood. plywood is 3 or 4-inch thick because solar cells are very delicate and need backing which is rigid.

pine goes around edge of plywood rather than on top so that edge of plywood is protected from weather. Paint back and sides of panel to weatherproof it. Mount solar cells in 5 by 15 arrangement in each panel with five cells horizontal along 32-inch side.

Draw pencil lines to show location of each cell. Place solar cell face down on soft cloth with tabs pointing up. Solder tabs onto solder points on back of cell and let excess length point down.

Place cell at top left corner of panel with front tabs pointing down. Fold right back tab over to meet left back tab and solder together. Drill hole in plywood at top of panel.

Insert 6 inches of solar wire with negative connector and solder wire to tab. Secure wire with wire clamp. Attach cell with single bead of silicone sealant at center of back of cell.

Install plexiglass. Each sheet of plexiglass, 33.5 inches by 49.5 inches, should just fit over each panel. plexiglass should be thick enough so that it will not bend to touch solar cells at center of panel.

Drill holes in plexiglass at corners, halfway between corners and again halfway between holes. Countersink holes for screws to be used. Run bead of silicone sealant around edge of panel on top of pine.

Screw plexiglass into place. Put panels in place and wire them up. Use connectors because panels will be live and generate dangerous voltages.

insulated connectors allow wiring of panels without touching live parts.

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How to Build 3500 Watt Solar Generator

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