Brush Baby Teeth

Brushing your baby’s teeth is important to keep your teeth healthy. It will also become routine for when they are older and can brush your teeth. Read on to learn how to brush their teeth.

In principle, before molars appear, you can wrap your fingertip in cheesecloth and use that as toothbrush. You will have to ask your dentist if you should use toothpaste with fluoride any. From beginning, toothpaste is actually not even necessary when your baby’s teeth brushing.

Brush Baby Teeth

However, if baby does swallow any toothpaste with fluoride in it, have them take drink of water to dilute it. After you have put pea-sized amount of toothpaste on brush, gently go back and forth on baby’s teeth. You can make this part into game.

Sing silly songs about brushing teeth, or count each tooth as you clean it. You can also go over their gums and tongue to get rid of any bacteria that is lingering there. If you aren’t using baby toothpaste, have them spit out any foam that has formed from brushing teeth.

Not all babies will be old enough to do this yet, which is why you should let them have drink of water after to dilute any toothpaste that was swallowed. Once your baby has molars, you should stop brushing with gauze and use baby toothbrush. You can let them hold it while you’re brushing your teeth and see if they will start to imitate you.

In beginning you will only need to brush your baby’s teeth once day. When your baby gets used to having their teeth brushed, you can start brushing twice to three times day. This will be great start at your baby’s dental hygiene. We hope the information on How to Brush Baby Teeth is helpful to you.

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How to Brush Baby Teeth

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