Bottle Feed Baby Calf

Orphaned pups are not only those who eat by hand. On dairy farms, calves are often bottle because their mothers are milked by machine. While generally calves suckle their mothers in farms of meat, calf that is not getting enough milk from mother may need to feed from bottle.

Make sure your first calf receives milk from its mother within hour after birth, if possible. This milk, or colostrum contains antibodies that support strong immune system. Stay calm when bottle feeding baby calf – stress can hinder development of calf.

Bottle Feed Baby Calf

Wash your hands. Fill calf’s bottle with hot water. Add 1 tbsp.

household bleach. Let it sit for few minutes. Pour bleach mixture over nipple when you empty bottle.

Follow product directions for preparing calf’s milk. Add it to bottle and secure nipple. Feed it to your baby calf, she’ll catch on quickly.

Check milk flow from nipple if calf starts butting against bottle. Bottle feed baby calf twice day. Use scalding hot water to clean bottle and nipple after each feeding.

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How to Bottle Feed Baby Calf

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