Become Solar Panel Technician

Solar panels are becoming more popular. This is because governments subsidized their installation, new technology, lower costs for the use and new techniques for the integration of them have become more practical. are compared to other technical professions, time and costs to be solar panel technician small.

Most solar technician certification programs require much less time than two-year associate degree. Also in many cases will provide state funds for the training of solar panel technicians. Find out if you qualify for solar education loans or grants. Please contact school counselors, either in school or at school you are planning to visit to grants and loans for solar education.

Become Solar Panel Technician

You can also find information about education grants through U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA Environmental Education Grants website. federal government provides solar education grants and loans for those who have been in military and those who are unemployed.

Ask your counselor about state and local funding. Find out what schools offer solar education programs and what education program offers you. Review list of solar education centers cited on North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners NABCEP website.

Examine specific curriculum of each in regard to study of different solar panel technologies. Find out if school has solar panel technician co-op work program or apprentice program. Also determine if you will be qualified to take NABCEP solar certifications exam, once you finish school’s solar program.

Review education and experience requirements to take NABCEP’s solar certification exams. Their candidate handbook lists five different ways that you can qualify to take exam. One possibility is if applicant has installed at least two photovoltaic systems within two years prior to applying to take exam in addition to completing solar education training program.

NABCEP recommends that applicants consider training courses that have Institute of Sustainable Power accreditation. For exam eligibility, NABCEP also takes into consideration if you are licensed electrician. You have to be at least 18 years old to take exam.

Review NABCEP exam offerings and see which one best fits your interests, employment or self-employment goals, and then study for it. Consider geographic area where you want to work. Different solar technology is used in different areas.

Focus your studies on 2008 National Electrical Code NEC . Also study resources given in resource section of NABCEP website. Study emerging solar technology and market trends, as well as job opportunities.

Look for new solar panel products that are lower cost and deliver higher power. Look for panels that have high power-to-weight ratio and low cost-to-power ratio. Also examine new products that simplify solar panel installation products.

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How to Become Solar Panel Technician

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