Become Solar-Energy Contractor

The current climate is right to begin your life as a solar energy contractor for you. As we move closer to true environmental awareness, use of solar energy will become commonplace, rather atypical. Alternative energy is undoubtedly safer for the environment, since they. Less dependence of toxins, which gives emitted by other types of energy sources

Knowing where your new solar contractors to begin can be simplified if you check some eco-friendly tips. Get certified in the solar energy panel installation. Research accredited training facilities in your area and complete required courses for certification.

Become Solar-Energy Contractor

Hands-on class training will give you opportunity to ask questions and practice your craft. Contact local construction licensing agency in your city and get correct licensing permits. Some states require heating, cooling, air-conditioning and refrigeration HVACR contractors to have registered commercial business prior to taking exam. Solar-energy contractors fall into this category.

If this is case in your area, register your business with secretary of state in your city before obtaining your contractor’s license. Obtain all other required business licenses and permits that pertain to all types of businesses. For example, federal government requires employers to have Employer Tax Identification Number EIN .

When you register your business with secretary of state, you may also receive additional information. Research grant opportunities. Solar Energy Technologies Program offered by U.S.

Department of Energy regularly posts solicitations for financial assistance for advancements in alternative energy. In early 2011, Office Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy EERE posted solar energy grid concepts and advancing cell efficiency grant opportunities on its web page. Contract with local electric companies, home builders and repair facilities.

These types of companies often have high turnover, as contractors leave for personal or professional reasons. Market yourself as dependable and knowledgeable resource in cutting-edge solar-energy industry.

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How to Become Solar-Energy Contractor

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