Become Solar Distributor

According to New York Times, in 2010, solar energy still accounts for less than 1 percent of the power consumption of the US. State with the greatest amount of solar energy distribution is California.

The prices for solar products have fallen and the demand for solar products has increased. US government gives tax breaks for homeowners who buy solar panels.

Become Solar Distributor

In order to become solar distributor, sign contracts with manufacturers and market your products online or through retail store outlet. Learn how solar power systems function. Knowledge of solar equipment and functionality will help you purchase, sell and distribute solar products. Create business plan.

Include business overview, competitor analysis, financial projections and marketing plan. Include detailed description of your target market with information such as their age, income, location and lifestyle interests. Customers looking to purchase solar equipment are generally progressive, wealthier individuals. Also include financial projections for next three years.

Make list of manufacturers or wholesale solar distributors in your area. You can also search online and register with them. Compare brand, products, quality, durability, warranty, special offers and shipment costs. Choose manufacturer based on your budget, specialty niche or customer preference.

Negotiate payment terms and shipment. Some companies will have minimum amounts you must purchase, while others will offer wholesale prices based on quantity. net-30 payment term is very common, and it means you must pay for merchandise within 30 days of placing order.

Determine who is responsible for shipping costs in event of returns. Complete photovoltaics PV training if necessary. If you are licensed electrical or HVAC contractor, this is not necessary.

There are basic as well as advanced PV training courses. Check if your manufacturer requires special training to distribute their products.

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How to Become Solar Distributor

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