Become Insurance Adjuster in New York

Insurance adjusters settle insurance claims for their clients. They work quickly and efficiently. Insurance adjusters work hours that they choose, and they can make high wages. Each state has its own requirements for licensing and New York is no exception.

You can get your license in New York by New York Department of Insurance. Once you get your license, you have it forever. Study for New York accident examination.

Become Insurance Adjuster in New York

You can study material from page 12 of candidate information bulletin and on. In addition, you can download candidate information bulletin See Resources . Sign up to take New York adjuster exam through PSI Services.

test will cost $49. Pass exam. Complete independent adjuster application form See Resources .

Submit form. You must send in this form no more than two years after taking exam. Send $100 licensing fee with your application.

You will need to get $1,000 bond and also send it with your application. Get your fingerprints taken electronically by L1 Identity Solutions. ou must use this company because New York Department of Insurance does not accept any other options.

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How to Become Insurance Adjuster in New York

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