Become Hair Care Sales Representative

Sales staff in the hair care industry pay with stylists, colorists and salon owners informed of manufacturers to keep products and the sale of these products in the crowd. Salespeople can find jobs with individual employers or can be independent sales representatives. Basic education and the skills needed for both types of hair care sales staff is the same.

but independent sales representatives need to take further action to legally protect themselves and negotiate new products to sell. Get college degree. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities by 2018 for sales reps are best for those with college degrees.

Become Hair Care Sales Representative

Degrees in business, marketing and communications are helpful, but any type of degree may be accepted by employer. Learn to sell. Employers like to hire sales representatives with prior sales experience.

Work in retail, wholesale or other selling environments to learn how to sell products and services to all types of people. Expand your sales education by completing courses in sales negotiation, closing sales deals and communicating with customers. Work in beauty and hair industry.

Employers want to know you understand customer you will be selling to. Sales positions with local department stores in cosmetics department or in salon or spa setting are helpful. Some hair care sales reps have worked as cosmetologists, manicurists or estheticians before selling for manufacturer.

Others may have completed courses for license but never completed remaining requirements. Understand hair care industry. Knowledge of hair products, treatments and tools will help you sell hair care products more easily. Learning about hair care industry by attending trade shows, conferences or by reading and studying topic will put you in touch with possible employers and fill in missing information if you have worked in beauty industry and not hair industry.

Contact product manufacturers and wholesale hair care companies to find open sales positions. Be prepared to complete employment applications by assembling resume and references focused on your selling history and connection with hair industry. Some employers may be willing to hire anyone who can sell and then train them about products they will be representing.

Others may want someone who can begin selling immediately without much guidance.

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How to Become Hair Care Sales Representative

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