Become Distributor for Aten Solar Panels

Aten Solar is multinationals that solar panels and related products to North American and European customers provides. From January 2011, they offer solar systems in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York. Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Aten Solar also offers opportunity for companies to be in related fields for them distributors and resellers. They service dealers throughout the US from their camp in New Jersey and Northern California.

Become Distributor for Aten Solar Panels

application process is fairly straightforward, but they only accept established and experienced businesses that have all of necessary permits and licenses. Navigate to Aten Solar dealer contact form see Resources . Complete contact form with detailed information to expedite processing phase.

Required information includes your business’s tax id, contractor’s license and resellers permit. Aten also requests information about your annual sales and how long company has been in business. Press submit button to send form to Aten Solar for processing.

Wait for response from Aten. This may take anywhere from few days to few weeks depending on their workload. Call Aten Solar at 1-732-810-1983 or 1-800-310-7271 if you have not received response after 10 business days.

Aten will contact you with information on status of your petition and how to proceed if your company is accepted as authorized dealer.

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How to Become Distributor for Aten Solar Panels

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