Become Debt Counselor

A debt counselor works closely with individuals to create the plan for the payment of financial obligations. These professionals use various methods to reduce monthly payments from customers, including loan consolidation and lower interest rates. These individuals also advise families about the behavior that leads to overspending and make plan to modify behavior.

But before becoming a debt counselor, you must obtain the required education and experience. Here is a guide to becoming debt counselor. Ensure that it meets the minimum requirements. Most organizations that hire debt counselors look for people with bachelor’s degree in psychology, education or business.

Become Debt Counselor

However, individuals who have previous experience working in credit industry are also considered for these positions. Update your resume to highlight skills employers are seeking. Highlight skills important to hiring managers such as experience creating debt management plans and proven experience negotiating with lenders.

You should also mention your ability to accurately read credit reports from all three reporting agencies TransUnion, Experian and EquiFax. Apply for debt counselor positions. Check job boards such as Monster and HotJobs see Resources to find these positions.

Also, search title Financial Counselor, which is different name for same job. Contact hiring manager before submitting your resume. Maximizing hiring manager’s contact to your application materials may help get you hired.

Before submitting your application, contact hiring manager and express your interest in position. Then follow up by sending your resume through email and regular mail. This gives hiring manager three separate exposures to your materials.

Pursue opportunities for advancement. Once you have few years of experience under your belt, you can apply for senior debt counselor positions, handling more complicated cases.

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How to Become Debt Counselor

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