Become Dealer in Solar Energy

The distribution of solar panels and alternative energy sources has created for the people lucrative business opportunities that are willing to engage in the sale and distribution of solar panels and related materials. After basic principles in this article, you can on the way to start your own solar energy dealer to be, but keep in mind that each wholesaler has their own set of requirements that individuals classified as official dealer. When you decide which brands you want to sell, please contact wholesale department of the company, to ensure that you qualify as an officially licensed traders.

Determine what solar systems you want to sell before approaching wholesalers. Remember, both material costs and potential royalties that you need to pay wholesalers to say to you that you products are approved merchant suppliers. Write down the list of items that you want to sell in the future. Contact wholesalers directly and inquire about their merchant program.

Become Dealer in Solar Energy

Find out what requirements exist that must be met for you to maintain your status as authorized retailer. Some examples of requirements are sales quotes, annual licensing fees, and price ceilings to help maintain competitive pricing between different authorized retailers. Determine which program, or programs, you want to participate in and put together price list of materials that you will be selling from each wholesaler.

Factoring in your administrative, operating, marketing, and other costs, determine different price points for each product that you’ll be selling. Be sure to put together sales projections that give you idea of your business’s break-even point when you are no longer losing money and your business’s point of profitability, when revenues are going to exceed costs of operation. Incorporate your business in state that you’re operating in or another state such as Delaware to officially create your solar dealership company.

It is important to create corporation because it serves as separate legal entity. In worst case scenario that business fails, creditors will not be able to go after your personal assets and money, only assets and money that is owned by corporate entity.

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How to Become Dealer in Solar Energy

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