Become Camera Assistant AC

The position of assistant camera is similar to the production assistant, because the work of each is making things go well in the set. assistant camera is different because the focus is on that person camera operator. Some technical knowledge is useful, but if you can take quickly, can be taught to be AC.

Do your research. Find out what makes camera assistant. It would be helpful if you take a class or read books about cameras and lighting.

Become Camera Assistant AC

There is lot of equipment that you need to have basic knowledge about. Look for jobs as grip, lighting and rigging technician, or AC on different film sets. It may be easier to start out as grip because you can be 3rd grip, company grip or gang grip, which are more entry level positions that take direction from key grip. Make sure you network with camera and audio guys while shooting.

Camera ops like to have good rapport with people they hire as ACs so relationship building is important. Besides these same people will send you work if you do good job. Stay current.

All technical equipment like cameras and things are constantly being upgraded and improved. It helps to stay up to date with latest technology. If you walk on set talking about equipment that is outdated that could affect camera operator’s confidence in you.

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How to Become Camera Assistant AC

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