Become Air Conditioning Engineer

The engineers of air conditioner are responsible for designing air conditioners for homes, schools, private offices or other facilities where their services are required. Many air conditioning engineers work as self employed workers. Before getting job, engineers must meet number of requirements that include degree in mechanical engineering and certification.

Those in this field will enjoy lucrative salary. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who have earned degree in mechanical engineering average salary of $ 58, 766 in May 2008. Get high school diploma or GED.

Become Air Conditioning Engineer

Before entering into secondary education program, potential air conditioner engineers are required to submit high school transcript to school of their choice. High school students should take courses in algebra and physics that will help prepare them for skills necessary to become successful air conditioner engineer. Obtain bachelor’s degree.

Many employers prefer to hire air conditioner engineers who possess bachelor’s degree. Those interested in pursuing this career usually pursue fields such as mechanical engineering. These programs are available at most local colleges and universities and may take up to five years to complete.

Course work may include, thermodynamics, calculus, statistics and other courses related to engineering. Students also will participate in team projects that include laboratory work. Obtain license.

Before becoming employed, air conditioner engineers must become licensed through National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Becoming licensed requires that engineer pass Fundamentals of Engineering exam administered by council. After four years of experience, engineers must take Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, which indicates they are advanced professional.

In addition, many employers require that engineers become certified by Environmental Protection Agency. Join association. Organizations, such as American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers allow members to network with other engineers and have access to seminars and training.

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How to Become Air Conditioning Engineer

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