Balance Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioning system must be balanced in their distribution of air flow or not house is cooled evenly. temperature fluctuate between rooms and hallways, so it is difficult to keep thermostat at level that is comfortable for whole family. harmoniously air conditioner will also run more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills each month.

Open all air registers at home. air supply records have small lever to adjust ventilation behind grill. return air registers similar appearance, but no adjustment lever.

Balance Air Conditioning Systems

Remove any obstructions in front of air return registers. Air must flow freely back into system for air conditioner to operate efficiently. Run air conditioner for several minutes and walk around your home to find areas that need to be balanced.

Pay attention to rooms that are too cold or too hot. Drastic temperature changes from room to room are sign that airflow is uneven. Start balancing air conditioning system by partially closing registers in rooms that were too cold.

This will cut off some of airflow into those rooms so they remain warmer. Run air conditioner again for few minutes to see if your changes have improved temperature balance in home. Reducing airflow in cold rooms will automatically increase air that is pumped into warmer rooms.

This is usually enough to balance out temperature between two areas. If some rooms are still too warm, open air registers as widely as possible to get maximum airflow.

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How to Balance Air Conditioning Systems

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