Bake Cookies Using Solar Energy

You can use solar energy batch of cookies to bake. to build solar oven, is inexpensive and easy way to teach children about solar energy. But while older children can build solar oven on their own with just a few basic materials, adult assistance is needed for younger children, because cutting is involved and the oven is very hot.

Use ruler one inch edge to draw lid pizza box. Cut around three sides, so that the back attached to create the flap. Fold back the flap and scheduled within the flap with aluminum foil.

Bake Cookies Using Solar Energy

Secure foil with non-toxic tape or glue. Cover hole in pizza box with plastic wrap, securing it with non-toxic glue or tape. If desired, repeat on underside of pizza box’s lid.

plastic wrap must be tightly attached. Line inside of bottom half of box with aluminum foil before covering bottom with black construction paper. foil and construction paper will attract heat of sun.

Mix up boxed cookie dough according to manufacturer’s directions. Spoon out portions of cookie dough onto dark-colored baking sheet or tray that will fit inside bottom of box.

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How to Bake Cookies Using Solar Energy

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