Avoid Kundalini Syndrome

Kundalini is innate energy at base of spine. Kundalini syndrome occurs when this energy is channeled into body of known negative energy. Unaffectionately symptoms described as combination of sensory, motor and mental status changes.

Kundalini syndrome is different from episode Kundalini syndrome develops gradually over several months or years. Symptoms of syndrome is not easily put into words, but have been described as sensation of heat or energy running down your spine. This may be accompanied by cranial pressure, perception of inner sounds and lights funny tingling in lower back, fast heart rate, trance states, changes in breathing, body movements spontaneous, inner warmth and feelings of cooling, itching under skin, and localized body pain.

Avoid Kundalini Syndrome

The resulting symptoms are feelings of fear, anxiety, and depersonalization. Proper meditation and yoga can avoid these symptoms. following steps can help you take steps to avoiding Kundalini Syndrome.

Recognize that Kundalini, innate energy at base of spine, is capable of accelerating spiritual development and is by no means bad thing. It only becomes negative when it is activated spontaneously, without proper direction, and without clean energy. It is only under wrong circumstances that it yields extremely unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms.

Know which genres of meditation and yoga maximize and minimize risk of Kundalini Syndrome. For example, Arhatic Yoga, stressing character building, maximizes these risks as it focuses on purification. Meditation and breathing exercises increase size of energy centers, such as Kundalini.

Knowing how to practice kundalini meditations properly minimize yours chances of developing syndrome from these exercises. It is special combination of divine meditations and kundalini energy circulating throughout your body. Done correctly, this yields systematic cleansing and balancing of your aura, which also rids you or negative thought patterns and emotions.

Without freeing yourself of such negative, you cannot continue properly in meditation. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to this step in avoiding kundalini syndrome. Kundalini energy flowing in person without clean energy cause syndrome to develop.

Many practitioners of meditation experience Kundalini Syndrome or developing stages without realizing it. They have over time been practicing kundalini meditations, but in absence of clean energy themselves, resulting in physical, emotional, and mental problems. It is important to be aware of symptoms and dangers in their early stages so that you can identify them and adjust yourself accordingly.

The symptoms are not same for every person, but often include overeating, discomfort, exhaustion, or hyperactivity. If you start to see symptoms of Kundalini syndrome in yourself temporarily stop or reduce your meditations until you can identify negative energy. Concentrate heavily on purifying your energy bodies.

Possible aids to this include salt baths and vegetarian diet. To seek advice on issue consider visiting Pranic Healer or Melchizedek method facilitator. It is better to never let your negative energy get to point of identifiable symptoms, but if they do, adjust them as soon as possible to avoid developing Kundalini Syndrome.

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