Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Repair

If air conditioning system in your car or small truck no longer blowing cold air, lack of Freon, or refrigerant, is more likely prognosis. Vehicles typically lose coolant hose connections through pores of old or worn tubes, coupling at intersections and through poor seals. When coolant level drops below minimum level, not enough gas is processed through air conditioning system and only cold or hot air blowing through vents. Several self-service repair options are available to solve some of most common problems of leakage alternating current. Change your vehicle in neutral or park and set emergency brake. Lift cover.

Look for any oily substance on AC hoses that feels tacky to touch. Check both upper and lower hoses. Consult vehicle owner for location of these hoses manual.

Automotive Air Conditioning Leak Repair

low side hose typically will be marked with L and high side hose will be marked with H. Examine suction hoses at back of compressor as well. Check condenser fittings that attach to small radiator device at front of vehicle for evidence of oil on fittings.

Inspect hard line fittings that connect to accumulator, tall cylinder that attaches to firewall. Inspect service ports also called Shrader valves on high and low side hoses. Unscrew small Shrader valve caps and look for oil inside valve openings.

Start vehicle and turn air conditioning to maximum. Turn on hand-held electronic leak detector. Hold leak detector probe over each joint and hose coupler.

If detector beeps, it indicates refrigerant leak. Use end wrench to tighten that joint or coupler. Then, retest joint or coupler with leak detector.

No beep indicates proper seal. Use end wrench to tighten all fittings that show oil or cause beep signal on detector. If unit continues to beep after you’ve tightened joint or coupler, go on to next step.

Shut off engine and disconnect negative battery cable. Hook up set of AC gauges to underside of hood. Connect blue gauge hose to low-side Shrader valve on AC hose and connect red gauge hose to high-side Shrader valve on AC hose.

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