Attach Solar Panels

Powering your home with solar photovoltaic panels will allow you to produce electricity without noise, without pollution and without moving parts. Solar technology generates electricity directly consists of power when sunlight interacts with semiconductor disk. Photovoltaic systems consist of solar panel converts and inverter that generated by solar cells into alternating current DC direct current. Solar panel installation is relatively simple, but should only be attempted by experienced professional.

Find rafters with stud finder. Align stainless steel brackets with rafters. With chalk or laser beam, to ensure that brackets in line with each other.

Attach Solar Panels

Drill rafters with drill bit. Insert stainless steel mounts into rafters and secure in place with stainless steel bolts, Place metal flashings over mounts, protecting them from rainwater. Seal roofing around mounts to further protect from rainwater.

Install solar panels and connect them together by wiring them. Interconnected solar panels are known as array. When connected together this way, they individually work less efficiently than they would if working separately, but collectively produce more energy.

Connect wire used to connect solar panels together to inverter. You are ready to use your solar panels to create electricity.

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How to Attach Solar Panels

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