Assemble Solar Panel

Manufacturing solar panel at home is to see the power of nature at work educational way. It is likely that you lying around some of the materials in your home. Over time, workspace, tools and appropriate materials, you can create 12 volt solar panel own.

plotting measurements to measure your solar panel through your solar cells. Cut your plastic film and plexiglass to accommodate your 36 cells should be placed 1 or 8 inches apart. Building frames for your solar panel from old wood.

Assemble Solar Panel

It should be wide and long enough to house solar panel and Plexiglas comfortably, but tightly. frame should be couple of inches deep. With pen, plot where you want your solar cells to be located on your pegboard or ABS backing.

They need to be in series connection positive to negative and 1 or 8 inches apart see diagram . You will be placing each solar cell face down on backing, then using soldering tabs at six points to ground solar cell along bus see diagram . Using connector wire, you will be soldering wire to each cell along tabs, then connecting to next, gently crimping wire to soldering tabs with low-wattage soldering iron.

Take panel outside under sun, and place into wooden tray. Hook up alligator leads to ammeter and test. Place Plexiglas on top of solar panel.

Once you have mastered one homemade solar cell, consider future applications. This could include more solar panels, battery for storage, controller to prevent frying your battery, and inverter if you need to switch from direct current DC to alternating current AC .

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How to Assemble Solar Panel

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