Arrest or Reverse Foot Neuropathy

Foot neuropathy occurs in diabetics and is symptom of diabetic neuropathy, when nerve fibers are damaged in body. This nerve damage can lead to poor circulation in feet, digestive problems or complications in heart. According to Mayo Clinic, if person does not get foot neuropathy under control they can lose their foot or limb.

The best way to stop or reverse neuropathy in diabetic foot is by maintaining healthy diet, taking medications, watching blood sugar and blood pressure levels and checking your feet regularly. Check with your doctor and compliance with its recommendations and guidelines of diet. Maintain balanced diet that is low in sugar.

Arrest or Reverse Foot Neuropathy

Eat small portions at each meal. Avoid meats that contain high-fat content, and highly processed, fried or fast food. Check your blood sugar before each meal, one or two hours after meal and at bedtime.

Follow instructions from your doctor if they want you to check your blood sugar more frequently. Take your anti-seizure and pain medication regularly. Use lidocaine patch as needed to control pain.

Apply patch in area where you have most pain. Check your feet every day. Look for blisters, cuts, bruises or cracked and peeling skin.

Contact your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms and follow their advice on treatment. Clean your feet daily with lukewarm water and soap. Pat your feet dry with towel.

Use moisturizer every day on your feet. Wear shoes that are comfortable and not too tight. Stay active and get plenty of exercise on daily basis such as walking, riding exercise bike or using treadmill.

Also, do following exercises on daily basis Sit in chair and rotate one foot clockwise for minute or two, then rotate it counterclockwise. Repeat same movements with your other foot. Next, grab your big toe on your affected foot and push it downward.

Hold that position few seconds, then pull your big toe toward you, holding that position for few seconds. Finally, stand up and place both feet about one foot apart. Slowly rise up on your toes then lower yourself back down.

Do three sets of 10 repetitions.

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How to Arrest or Reverse Foot Neuropathy

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