Apply Organic Energy Principle in Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga, modern school of Yoga started by John Friend, follows path of Hatha Yoga of consciousness of God. anusara means flowing gracefully, go with flow or after your heart. Anusara Yoga poses incorporate Universal Principles of Alignment, of which five fundamental principles of alignment is open to grace, muscle energy, Inner spiral, outside of helix and Organic Energy.

Each principle appears in sequence in each pose. In all positions, each principle forms basis for next. Infuse all significant positions with intention that relates to great purposes of yoga, including knowledge of inherent goodness of self and alignment with Divine.

Apply Organic Energy Principle in Anusara Yoga

Set your mind for your practice, and recite Anusara Yoga opening invocation Gate Latch Asana in either Sanskrit or English. Sanskrit Om Namah Shivaya GuraveSaccidananda MurtayeNisprapancaya ShantayaNiralambaya TejaseEnglish I offer myself to Light of Pure Awarenesss, who is True Teacherwithin and without teacher of all teachers ,Who assumes forms of Reality, Consciousness and Bliss,Who is never absent and is full of peace,Independent in its existence,It is vital essence of illumination. Begin with intention to align your whole being with Supreme Consciousness.

Approach practice with soft-hearted devotion. This is First Universal Principle, Opening to Grace. Maintain Opening to Grace and follow Universal Principles in order Muscular Energy, Inner Spiral, Outer Spiral and Organic Energy principles.

The five steps of Universal Principles are 1 Setting foundation and opening to grace2 Engaging muscular energy by hugging muscles to bones and drawing this energy into focal point in core of body3 Creating expanding spiral that opens back of body4 Creating contracting spiral that balances expanding spiral and increases stability5 Extending organic energy out from focal point. Understand four Universal Principles in action 1 Muscular Energy draws energy from body’s outer region into Focal Point. Muscular Energy creates stability, strength and physical integration.

2 Inner Spiral expands energy from center outward. Its path is up from feet, through pelvis and into waist region. Precise leg, thigh and pelvic movements accompany.3 Outer Spiral involves narrowing spiral movements inward to your core.

Its path is from waist through tail bone, out through legs and feet. Outer Spiral also includes precise movements.4 Organic Energy extends outward from focal point through core to periphery. Expansion, flexibility and freedom in pose increase.

Practice your asanas. There are over 250 Anusara Yoga asanas, including standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, hand-balancings, inversions and restoratives. Through repetition of basic poses, practitioners experience application of Universal Principles.

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How to Apply Organic Energy Principle in Anusara Yoga

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