Apply for Hope Grant in Georgia

Residents living in state of Georgia can apply for HOPE scholarship to help offset cost of attending public or private academic institution. Residents are eligible to receive grant after graduating from high school. Students who are currently enrolled in college or university of Georgia can apply for grant if they are attending school as full-time or part-time student.

However, to continue receiving scholarship, students must maintain passing grade while at college or university. grant is funded by Georgia Lottery for Education. For public schools grant usually covers cost of mandatory university fees, tuition and quarterly allowance of $ 100 to help pay for books.

Apply for Hope Grant in Georgia

Full-time students attending private school in Georgia can receive $1750 semester or $1166 quarter. Part-time students attending private school can receive $875 semester or $583 quarter. Confirm that you graduated from high school in 1993 or later.

Keep in mind that you must also be legal resident of Georgia who earned B average while in high school. Comply with Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990 by not partaking of illegal substances. Make sure that you are paid up in your student loans.

Note that if you graduated from high school before 1993, you might still be eligible to receive grant if you don’t already have your bachelor’s degree and haven’t already taken 190 college quarter or 127 semester hours. Apply to and attend public or private Georgia college or university. Refer to List of Georgia Schools Eligible to Receive Hope Grant link in R esources section of this article to find list of eligible colleges and universities.

Log in into Georgia Student Financial Aid Application System GSFAPPS website see Resources . Provide your name, date of birth and Social Security number then click Continue to access online application. Contact financial aid office at technical college you attend.

Ask office clerk to give you hard copy of application that you can complete and return. Keep in mind that you can also refer to Hope Grant Application in Resources section of this article to download electronic application. Provide your name, mailing address, parents names and information and name of college or university that you are attending.

Mail your completed application to Georgia Student Finance Commission, 2082 E. Exchange Place, Tucker, Georgia 30084.

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How to Apply for Hope Grant in Georgia

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