Apply for Credit Card for Teens

Getting credit card for your teen can be a good idea for several reasons. It is the way to provide money for certain expenses or emergencies. It can be a tool to teach budgeting skills and responsibility.

However, care should be taken to allow your teen to get credit card. nonprofit group Jump $ tart found that high school students were only able to answer questions about half of the financial test that included credit card information correctly. If your child is under 18, you will need your consent to obtain credit card, so you can take some steps to ensure that it operates responsibly.

Apply for Credit Card for Teens

Decide on purpose of your teen’s credit card and set spending limit. Will it be used to pay day-to-day expenses, or should it be reserved for emergencies How much will he be allowed to spend, and what consequences will you impose if he goes over Decide who will be responsible for paying credit card bill if your teen applies and is approved. Will you be paying it, or will you require your teenager to pay for some or all of bill herself What consequences will you impose if she does not pay as agreed Decide whether you will allow your teen to apply for his own credit card or whether you will add him as authorized user on one of your own existing credit card accounts. If you add him to existing account, he will not have to go through application process.

Instead, he will be given card in his own name that is linked to your account. Help your teenager fill out credit card application if she is going to be applying for her own card. If she is under age 18, you will have to sign and give her permission in order for application to be accepted.

Monitor your teen’s use of credit card once his application is approved. If he is not using it responsibly, impose immediate consequences such as cutting of his credit privileges. Jump$tart says that teen’s credit card can be useful tool for learning about financial management, but only if parents ensure that it is being used appropriately.

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