Aim Solar Collectors

In the United States and around the northern hemisphere, solar panels and collectors must southbound to be aiming to collect energy and heat from the sun. You can easily solar panels toward the sun turning regularly during the day, but if you want your panels and plates then remain in a stationary point, you have to aim and they need to properly position first. Because of the curvature of the earth and differences in time zones, sunrise and sunset at different times of the year, certain direction for the south at your location may be slightly off.

Likewise noon by PM is usually not the same as solar noon. To your solar panels aimed right at it, you need to know what are Suns noon and true south for your specific situation. Find Solar for your location and time of the year by visiting NOAA Solar Calculator link to see lunch in resources.

Aim Solar Collectors

Choose vertical edge of building, or hang plumb bob outside in sunny location. At solar noon, look at this vertical object and notice where shadows are being cast. This shadow at solar noon runs true north and south.

Place your solar panels or collectors in sunny area, facing true south. Calculate tilt needed for your solar panel or collector. In winter, multiple your latitude by 0.9, then add 29 degrees to that number.

See Resources 3 Lay your level on ground or solar surface mount, then adjust until surface is level. Use your compass to measure tilt of your solar panels or collectors, then adjust that tilt as needed until it matches calculation requirement noted above.

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