Adjust Haworth Chair

If you feel exhausted after day in the office, which could be due to the lack of effective support chair. Haworth chair has many customizable features to enhance productivity and health while working in a sitting position. Has levers and controls can be adjusted to match your height, leg length and lumbar curve.

You can also adjust the chair to the correct support for your forearms, elbows, shoulder width apart and back posture. Take a few moments to adjust your chair Haworth. It will make positive impact on how you feel at the end of each working day.

Adjust Haworth Chair

Adjust seat height using Pneumatic Height Adjustment lever. Locate lever on right side below seat cushion. Pull lever up and lift your weight up and out of chair to raise height of chair, remain seated and lift lever up to lower height of chair.

Feet should rest flat on footrest or floor when chair is at its correct height. When seated, you should not feel pressure on outside of your thighs. angle for thigh-to-torso should be at least 90 degrees.

Adjust leg length using Seat Depth Adjustment lever. Locate lever on front left side below seat cushion. While seated, lift lever up and slide seat back.

body should be supported by back rest and front of seat pan should not touch back of knees. Your knees should be able to bend at 90 degree angle effortlessly. Adjust reclining force control knob using Tilt Tension Adjustment lever.

Locate control knob in center below seat cushion. Turn it clockwise to tighten reclining tilt tension, turn it counterclockwise to reduce it. You should be able to sit upright comfortably and recline with ease.

Adjust posture position using Forward Tilt Adjustment control. Locate control below back left side below seat cushion. While seated, pull control up and forward.

Move forward slightly and sit forward, move control back to center position to disengage forward tilt, recline slightly and sit normally in upright position. Lock chair in different posture position using Back Lock Adjustment. While seated, locate Forward Tilt control below seat cushion under back left side of chair.

Pull control back and recline in chair at same time, pull control forward back to center position to disengage back lock. Recline forward slightly and sit upright in normal seating position.

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How to Adjust Haworth Chair

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