Adjust Bathroom Faucets

bathroom faucets need adjustment from time to time to prevent dripping. This is most often caused by poor spring and packaging within faucet handles. This part can be buyd at most hardware stores well stocked and plumbing supply houses.

do-it-yourself homeowner can have bathroom faucet repaired within few hours. Close turning tap water shutoff valves under the sink. If no shutoff valves, turn off the water at the main valve for the home.

Adjust Bathroom Faucets

Insert drain plug into sink. This way, if small parts get dropped they will not go down drain. Remove cover plate from handle by inserting flathead screwdriver into slot and popping plate off.

Remove screw that holds handle on stem using phillips-head screwdriver. Remove handle from stem. Remove nut that secures stem in place using adjustable wrench.

Make note of where raised ledge is on stem. Pull faucet stem out with your hands. Remove old packing and spring from inside faucet stem cavity with pair of needle-nose pliers.

Install new spring with smaller coil on top followed by new packing.

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How to Adjust Bathroom Faucets

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