Address Baby Shower Card

Baby showers, like many occasions given gifts, can bring variety of matters of etiquette on how to handle details of give-or even accepting gifts. Addressing card baby shower should be simple and straightforward, although correct way to address card depends on exact situation. Consider whether single or couples shower is holding child, which parent you know, if married or domestic partner, or if mother-to-be is doing everything on their own when addressing card.

Address on foreign names only if you are attending shower, or full name of each parent and address if you are sending card. For women-only shower, type first name of mother, if shower is casual. Write your own name, if shower is formal or is only known in professional environment and feel more comfortable that way.

Address Baby Shower Card

Write both parents names if shower is couples event. Alternatively, you could simply write for baby or write baby’s name if you know it. Write Dear Mom’s First Name inside card if you’re close to expectant mother.

Write both parents names if it’s couples shower or if you’re closer to father. name you write inside card should be same as outer envelope, unless you only know father and it’s ladies shower. Send card or put it with other gifts at shower.

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How to Address Baby Shower Card

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