Add Solar Power to Your House

Solar energy was once expensive, bulky and out of reach of many average homeowner. This is changing rapidly because of government incentives and fast development of new technologies. to invest in solar energy is monthly electricity costs because of the savings in attractive and because your home will increase the value, return on investment be difficult to achieve with other types of investments. National Association of Real Estate Appraisers claiming in 2010 that every dollar saved per year in energy costs with solar plants value of your home increases by $ 20

research government subsidies, tax credits and rebates for your solar power project. Perform self-examination of your electric and natural gas consumption. Collect your monthly energy bills for at least the last year or two.

Add Solar Power to Your House

Add monthly electric kilowatt usage and monthly natural gas cubic feet usage and divide it by 12 or 24 depending on how many previous years bills you are using to find your average monthly usage. Use information from electric and gas audits to figure out what kind of solar power equipment you will need to provide amount of energy you currently use. For example, if your average annual electric consumption has been 11,040 kilowatt hours, or 920 kilowatt hours per month, and you want to completely eliminate buying electricity from electric company, solar equipment you purchase must be able to generate at least 920 kilowatts of electricity per month.

If you want to replace your natural gas consumption with solar electric power, add that to equation as well when purchasing equipment. Research reputable solar contractors in your area and get estimates for your solar conversion project from at least three of them. Research reputable electrical contractors in your area and get estimates for electrical work if you plan to install solar equipment yourself but can’t perform electrical work.

Take your time, stay organized while dealing with contractors and don’t succumb to any sales pitches. Gather equipment, service and installation costs and contractor advice only. Attend seminars about home solar equipment and installation, read latest books about solar power and home improvement and familiarize yourself with how home solar power works.

Research reputable sources of solar power equipment that you can buy and consider installation yourself if possible. Talk to other homeowners who have solar power and ask about their experience and costs.

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How to Add Solar Power to Your House

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