Add Solar Panels to Your Home

Adding solar panels to your home is a good way to reduce costs after initial setup costs and go green. In the desert, it is an excellent way to gain power. In heavy snowfall areas, you must be careful when plates move or they are covered with snow and become inoperative.

Some who live in these areas put plates on the side of the house to climb onto the roof to avoid, to clear snow. Regardless of where you place panels, you need to plan for the current capacity before installation. Average your monthly utility bills for years to power requirements determine. Add at least 30 percent on your monthly tips needed for capacity planning, because it is much better to have excess capacity, as insufficient.

Add Solar Panels to Your Home

Estimate greater power requirements if you plan to have children. Calculate how many panels you will need and spacing requirements for panels. Purchase kit that includes panels, wiring, power equipment, fixtures, and installation instructions.

If you are putting panels on roof, install bolting devices into wood beams that support roof. Align bolting devices properly so that panel tracks can be attached. Test each bolting device to ensure that it is attached firmly.

Attach panel tracks to bolting devices that are bolted to roof beams. Bolt each track to top of bolting device. Attach electric box to back of each panel, if necessary some panels are pre-connected .

Connect power wire to each box. Place panels so they’ll receive optimal sunlight. Use extension brace if necessary.

Attach panels directly to tracks or extension brace. Run plastic protective conduit for wires if necessary, depending on where you put wire into house. Connect wire to inverters in house after installing them.

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How to Add Solar Panels to Your Home

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