Add Solar Panels to Existing Solar System

Providing extra performance from your solar system can be easily achieved by the addition of solar panels on the roof and connect them to the existing plates. That is, it is possible to start with smaller, less costly system, then add on to allow a more money. It makes financial sense system gradually to build because selling price of solar systems will fall each year.

Make sure to have it enough south-facing roof area to add more solar panels. All solar modules must have the same amount of sunlight received when connected to the same inverter. Make sure solar panels you want to add, compatible with solar cells you have.

Add Solar Panels to Existing Solar System

Ideally, any added panels will be of same type and voltage as existing panels. Otherwise, Maximum Power Point Tracker MPPT solar controller may be required to draw different amounts of current from solar panel array. Multiply voltage with current to calculate power from array.

MPPT controller can continuously adjust current to obtain maximum power possible. Calculate whether your existing inverter has extra capacity to cope with additional panels. If not, you will need to upgrade your inverter.

Remember, if inverter is too small, you will lose out on some of energy that your system produces. If it is too large, inverter may not perform at its optimum efficiency. ideal scenario is to have inverter that is rated at 80 percent of power rating of your PV system, since it is highly unlikely that solar panels will ever produce at 100 percent of their capacity.

Wire new solar panels in parallel positive to positive, negative to negative with existing panels. Parallel wiring doesn’t change voltage, but it gives more current capacity. Make sure newer PV modules have same number of cells in series and are same type mono-crystal or polycrystalline .

Only connect series strings of same PV modules in parallel with series strings of different PV modules.

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How to Add Solar Panels to Existing Solar System

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