Add Outlet to Bathroom

Many older homes were built when there were so many electrical devices as there are today, resulting in very few outlets in the bathroom. additional outlets can be added quite easily if proper procedures are followed. Find breaker at the main electrical panel that supplies electricity to the bathroom.

Turn off the switch and using voltage tester to test existing outlet to make sure power is off. Place the last point of sale in execution by removing the cover plate to see if you are using the two sets of output terminals. Outlets have two sets of terminals one to take power and to pass power to another outlet.

Add Outlet to Bathroom

If there is one set free, then outlet can have set of new wires connected to its free terminal to be run to new outlet. Knock out one of knockouts in electrical box for outlet. Strip two inches of plastic coating off end of cable and connect black wire to brass screw on outlet, white wire to silver screw and ground to green screw.

Make sure that cable is long enough to reach destination of new box. Find stud with stud finder in location of new outlet. Cut hole in drywall with drywall saw that is big enough to accommodate new box.

Be sure to cut hole alongside of stud and not on top of it. Install new box after knocking out knockout to accept new cable from existing outlet. Usually box is installed onto side of stud with nails that are part of box.

Attach new outlet in box.

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How to Add Outlet to Bathroom

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