Add Handheld Shower to Tub

A hand shower is nothing more than small hill that is screwed into the wall or engages shower pipe and hose that runs between the shower pipe and shower head. However, despite its simplicity this small addition is godsend. When you are able to move the water source at will, its rains become much more satisfying and more hygienic and comfortable experience as well.

Particularly useful if you need to be sitting in the shower, or have mobility problems. You can even save water with hand shower, as it will be able to lower pressure shower. If the bath is no longer out of the shower, you first need to install any plumbing or adapters needed.

Add Handheld Shower to Tub

Buy handheld shower kit. It may or may not come with its own shower head, but even if it does, you may still want to buy another shower head separately. There are all kinds of different shower heads out there, and they vary greatly in what kinds of experiences they offer.

If you’ve used one before that you know you like, get it. You will also be able to reuse your old shower head if you wish, provided that it has standard fit. Install any necessary plumbing or adapters.

If you already have shower outlet, you’re ready to go to next step. Once you have necessary plumbing in place to support shower, install your handheld shower mount. Follow kit’s instructions.

Generally speaking, old shower head if you have one will unscrew from pipe and new hose will go in its place. Use pliers to loosen shower head if it won’t come off easily. Before attaching hose, tightly wrap two or three layers of teflon tape around shower pipe threading in order to prevent leaks.

If there is already teflon tape from previous installation, replace it.

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How to Add Handheld Shower to Tub

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