Add Freon to Window Air Conditiner Unit

Need to add refrigerant Freon to window / c Follow my steps to find out. It is not so difficult. First you need to determine if your needs actual Window Air Conditioner Freon refrigerant, easiest way to do this is with thermometer.

You need to find deferential divided temperature or temperature. Take temperature of room air entering / c by placing thermometer in front of / c, record temperature, now place thermometer in cooler flue side, and record air temperature coming out. good fraction is 18-20 degrees temperature.

Add Freon to Window Air Conditiner Unit

If temperature split is higher than 20 degrees your unit needs to be cleaned, and below 18 degree deference unit needs to be charged. Window air conditioners do not have service valves so you will have to add service or tap valve to units suction line. You will need to first unplug widow unit and take unit out of window or remove unit from sleeve.

Next find suction line at compressor. compressor has two refrigerant lines soldered to it. small diameter line and larger diameter line.

larger of two is suction or low side of refrigerant system. Take your tap valve and following instructions in box using small allen wrench provided secure tap valve to suction line. Now you can attach low side hose of your gage, which is blue hose on side of with blue compound gage, to your tap valve making sure valve on your gage is turned off.

Be sure to do this quickly so you do not purge any of refrigerant Freon. Plug unit in and turn unit to high cool and wait about one minute. You may now attach yellow hose to refrigerant bottle, open valve of bottle and at manifold loosen hose shortly to purge air from line, very quickly.

And now you can add Freon to unit. To be sure to add right amount and not over or under charge window air conditioner you can use amp probe meter to check amps, or charge unit to around 70 pounds to 72 pounds psig. Remove your hose close valve on bottle, and place cap on tap valve and replace unit in window.


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How to Add Freon to Window Air Conditiner Unit

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