Add Freon to Charge Central Air Conditioner

If air conditioning is no longer producing cold air, you may need to be recharged with Freon refrigerant. Air conditioners operate under tremendous pressure and burden can be dangerous procedure. Stop charging your professional central air conditioner is highly recommended.

If you go by yourself, you should know what type of refrigerant in your air conditioner, R22 or R134a, and use of that particular type. Remove air conditioning. For window unit, disconnect filter housing front cover and lift unit out of window – this may require two people.

Add Freon to Charge Central Air Conditioner

Unplug unit if you need to, but plug it back in once it’s removed. wall-mounted unit is often permanently installed, and you’re better off letting expert charge it. Locate suction line on unit’s compressor.

This will be larger of two lines connected to compressor. Connect tap valve or service valve to this line, it normally requires Allen wrench that is often included with valve. Connect manifold gauge to tap valve through gauge’s low side hose, manifold’s setup could vary, but this is often blue hose.

Connect gauge’s high side hose – usually red one – to compressor’s other line. Turn on air conditioner, set it on high and let it run for about one minute. Connect manifold’s final line – it should be yellow – to bottle of freon refrigerant.

Open valve on refrigerant can and manifold as well as tap valve. Observe pressure gauge on manifold as system charges with freon. For many units, pressure gauge should reach maximum of 40 to 50 pounds per square inch some may go up to 70, check recommendations for unit and refrigerant.

Shut off valves, starting with bottle’s, once pressure reaches that point.

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How to Add Freon to Charge Central Air Conditioner

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