Add Car to GEICO Insurance Policy

Adding additional car GEICO Insurance is an easy task that can be completed either by telephone or online. Before doing so, determine how much coverage you need, if you can afford increasing your monthly payments and what will be your new deductible. Although GEICO to your other car is adding policy easier, it may not be best for your situation.

If you know that person is driving car unreliable or drive dangerously, you can not add individual to your insurance company. Call GEICO auto insurance sales, service and claims department at 800-861-8380. Follow to speak all prompts with customer service representatives.

Add Car to GEICO Insurance Policy

If you have local GEICO insurance representative, you can contact that person instead. Once you’ve reached customer service representative, you will need to provide your insurance policy number. Inquire about adding another vehicle to your insurance policy.

You will need to know vehicle identification number, make and model, license plate number, how vehicle is going to be used, who is going to be driving it, who it was financed through and registration number. Agree to amount of insurance you would like on car. There are various coverage types that you can add to your policy.

GEICO representative will explain minimum amount of insurance your state requires for each vehicle. Confirm change in your policy. added car should be insured within 24 hours.

Log on to your online GEICO account. If you forget your user name or password, you can retrieve them from GEICO website’s main page.

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How to Add Car to GEICO Insurance Policy

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