Add Bathroom Shelves for Storage

bathrooms disorganized not only ruin the aesthetics of the room, but also make your morning routine arduous process. Clutter and disorganization toiletries can make running late and increase the likelihood of accidental spills. By adding bathroom shelves, you can organize your toiletries and products in an orderly manner.

Add shelves of paper for your shelves to protect them from deformation and stains. Put everything you need stored in the soil, and the measured area where you want to install the shelves to know how much to buy shelves. Make sure you will be able to close the door easily with additional shelf.

Add Bathroom Shelves for Storage

Use electronic stud sensor to find wall studs. By drilling holes in wall studs, you prevent heavy shelving from ripping through your dry wall. Mark your wall studs with pencil.

Ask helper to hold up shelves. Place level on top of shelves to make sure that your shelving will be even. Draw line of your shelves on wall with pencil.

Drill holes into wall studs for shelving. Push plastic toggle bolt into drilled hole. Make sure that your plastic toggle bolt is rated according to weight of shelving, including toiletries.

Screw screws into anchors and hang your shelving in place. Organize your toiletries.

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How to Add Bathroom Shelves for Storage

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