Take Care of Abandoned Baby Birds

If you are gardener or spend lot of time outdoors, it is likely that baby bird is left on floor. It may be difficult to determine whether baby bird has been abandoned because sometimes parents meet away from food and return. If you notice that baby bird is, in fact, abandoned, there are simple ways you can take care of birds and save his life.

Check baby bird injury. If bird is bleeding or looks exhausted and his eyes are closed, call wildlife rehabilitator for guidance. wounded bird needs help right away if you will survive.

Take Care of Abandoned Baby Birds

Before you call, pick baby bird up very gently, put it in small box lined with tissue paper and put it in warm, safe place. Determine if baby bird is nestling or fledgling. nestling will have no feathers other than tiny down or pin feathers.

A fledgling is baby bird that is old enough to learn to fly. It may still be fluffy with down, or it may have most of its feathers and will look much like adult bird. It may seem awkward and gawky in its movements.

Return baby bird to its nest if you have determined that it is nestling. If nestling hasn’t been abandoned, nest will probably contain more nestling birds that look identical to bird you’ve found. If you can’t reach or locate nest, construct makeshift nest of small box lined with leaves or straw.

Put nest on low branch of tree where you found bird. Stand at safe distance of at least 50 to 75 feet and use binoculars to watch for parent bird’s return. Keep pets and children indoors during this time and don’t stand too close to window because parent birds may be able to see you.

Your presence may prevent parent bird from returning to its nest. Call wildlife rehabilitator if parent birds don’t return to nest within hour. This is indication that nestling bird has been abandoned.

Nestling birds are fed every few minutes and they won’t survive long without food. We hope the information on How to Take Care of Abandoned Baby Birds is helpful to you.

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How to Take Care of Abandoned Baby Birds

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