Hold Newborn Baby

Holding newborn baby can be daunting task, especially if you’ve never done before. But once you have mastered simple technique, there is no better feeling cradling newborn baby in her arms. Place your left hand under head and neck of baby and his right under bottom hand.

If you are left handed, simply reverse left and right on these steps. Elevator newborn to you using scooping motion. Bring baby close enough to your body so your head can rest against his chest.

Hold Newborn Baby

Then carefully shift support of baby’s head from your left hand to your left arm. Slide your now free left hand down under baby’s bottom, taking weight off your right. Wrap baby with your right arm for extra support and snuggling, or use it to go about other activities as you normally would albeit one handedly! We hope the information on How to Hold Newborn Baby is helpful to you.

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How to Hold Newborn Baby

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