Get Rid of Baby Acne

If you notice these red bumps that used to see on his face as teenager in face of your baby, do not be alarmed. This skin problem is considered common among newborns and is called baby acne or neonatal acne. While it may take few weeks or months to clarify, there are only few things that parents can do to help speed healing process.

gently wash your baby’s face twice day with warm water and mild cleanser. There are several cleaners available that contain natural ingredients such as calendula, olive oil and chamomile. Washing your baby’s skin twice day with moisturizing cleanser acne not only prevent infection, but also prevent dryness and further irritation.

Get Rid of Baby Acne

Remember to pat skin dry with soft towel and avoid touching infected areas with your fingers. Apply moisturizer. While you may not need to apply creams or special lotions on your baby’s face to get rid of acne, it is important that you keep your child’s skin well moisturized.

Babies with acne tend to scratch and rub their skin in effort to relieve itchiness that acne causes, so hypoallergenic cream should be applied at least twice day. Products from Aveeno, California Baby or Weleda are worth looking into because they contain natural ingredients and are made especially for babies. Dress or cover your baby in clothes and blankets not made of synthetic materials.

fabrics that touch your baby’s skin may be irritating it further, so dressing your baby in clothes made of 100 percent cotton or organic cotton will help reduce skin irritation. Also, washing baby clothes and blankets in natural detergent will prevent any chemicals from causing more breakouts. Allow acne to heal on its own.

This type of acne tends to heal on its own around three to six months of age. Until your baby’s skin heals, most important thing you can do is continue to keep it clean, so that it will not become infected. Using special acne medicine or ointments is not needed to get rid of baby acne unless acne gets worse at which point it will be best to consult doctor.

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How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

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